Peter Bjorn and John

Girl, gimme some

Peter Bjorn and JohnTo make simple, direct and clear pop-rock, that seems to have been the premise for the recording of the new album (their sixth already), of Peter Björn and John. Last October they already told us that the record, at the time without title, was already recorded and ready for pressing. Now we learn that the album, made in the city of Malmö with the help of veteran Per Sunding (member of Eggstone and producer of The Cardigans and The Ark), will be titled “Gimme Some” and will be released on 28th March via Cooking Vinyl (a day later in the USA, via StarTime International). As there are no new songs to listen to as of yet, we’ll have to make do with the colourful artwork of “Gimme Some”. Something is better than nothing.{youtube }GwcaQ3qJ88U{/youtube}

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