Italians Do It Better gets busy with re-edits

Perseo “The label was born when Mike [Simonetti] heard the infamous Bruce Springsteen edit by Martin Vogel almost two years ago. It prompted him to try to figure out a way to release it, and thus Perseo was born. Since then it has become a way to showcase some of Mike and Johnny's favourite edits out there, as well as a way to release some of their own work. Like Italians, expect the quality to be top notch and the records to be limited editions, usually around 400 copies per release.” That’s how the people of Italians Do It Better explain the birth of Perseo, a new sublabel dedicated to edits. Its first references have just been released on 12” and the three of them, completed with an extra track signed by the boss, Simonetti, will be compiled on the CD “Perseo: Edits Volume 1”. The record won’t be available until September, but you can already get it for a mere US$ 5 via the Italians Do It Better webstore.

Var.- Perseo: Edits Volume 101. Bottin - Eagle 02. Mike Simonetti - Slo Glo Stick 03. Martin Vogel - Tough 04. Mike Simonetti - You Got That Look In Your Eyes 05. Bottin - Stork 06. Mike Simonetti - Japan (Torino Fog Version) 07. Martin Vogel - Tougher Without Bruce 08. Mike Simonetti - Louie Louie


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