Pearson Sound

White label on Night Slugs

Pearson Sound  Etiqueta blanca para Night Slugs A warning for the vinyl junkies, and lovers of the sounds of the British hardcore continuum: Night Slugs, the label of Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990, has a new issue ready in the NSWL series, a collection of white labels dedicated to “refixes” of more or less classic tracks by others, previous entries of which include Jam City, Lil Silva, Jacques Greene, Gucci Vump, Noob and L-Vis 1990 himself. Number 7 of the series will be by David Kennedy, also known as Ramadanman (his dubstep alter ego, seemingly finished for good), who’s these days more focussed on exploring the possibilities of house and UK funky under the Pearson Sound and Maurice Donovan monikers. The white label for Night Slugs will be signed as Pearson Sound and will contain two tracks, “Deep Inside” and “Working With”, which will sound familiar to the followers of Rinse FM or attendees of the sets at the Boiler Room in London. The 12” will be in stores on 28th March. Hardrive - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Refix)

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