Paul White

New “rhymed” album for One-Handed Music

Paul White - “Rapping with Paul White”

Paul White, the MPC juggler who likes to wet his feet in puddles of liquid funk and float between ecstatic and light psychedelica and dense winds of progressive rock, has his fourth album for One-Handed Music ready. After “Paul White & The Purple Brain”, an album presented as a collaboration through space and time between Paul White and S.T. Mikael (an obscure Swedish psychedelic troubadour), the London beatsmith is diving into rap, and isn’t alone on this journey. His beats form the backgrounds for the art and rhymes of some of his favourite MCs, including Guilty Simpson, Danny Brown, Marv Won, Homeboy Sandman, Tranqill and Moe Pope. Which is why the album’s called “Rapping with Paul White”. In stores from 22nd August.

Paul White – Trust ft. Guilty Simpson

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