Pascal Pinon

A new beginning

Pascal PinonFollowing the single “I Wrote A Song”, officially released on 15th October, Morr Music has dropped a date for the official release of the debut album by Pascal Pinon, that band of very young girls—they’re actually not even 18 yet—who are fans of imagination and naïf folk pop, led by twins Jófríður and Ásthildur. The album was released in Iceland in mid-2009. The same charm that won the twins a nomination for the Icelandic Music Awards in the category of “Newcomer of the Year” has now convinced Berlin’s Thomas Morr of the need to release this album internationally. The album includes more than 10 short, shy tracks where the girls’ limited instrumentation skills become an asset. It will hit stores on 12th December. Before you press the play button, bear in mind those songs where recorded at home when the girls were 14. Nude, precocious folk pop.

Pascal Pinon – s/t01. Undir Heiðum Himni02. Árstíðir03. Baldursbrár04. Ósonlagið05. Djöflasnaran06. I Wrote A Song07. New Beginning08. Moi09. Sandur10. Kertið Og Húsið Brann11. En pú Varst Ævintýr

Pascal Pinon - “New Beginning”

Pascal Pinon - “Undir Heiðum Himni”

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