Fading Parade

Papercuts  Paige K. Parsons

After two albums on Gnomonsong, Papercuts are now on Sub Pop. At the end of this winter, the Seattle label will release “Faded Parade”, a new collection of evocative dream-pop postcards, subtly melancholic, that are, once again, vintage-flavoured (Jason Quever, the brain of the band, is a strong defender of analogue technologies) and beautiful. Take The Zombies, Beach House, Grizzly Bear, Phil Spector, some French pop from the sixties and some airy shoegaze pop, and you have the musical universe of Papercuts. The album, recorded between Sacramento (at The Hangar, with the help of Thom Monahan) and Quever’s home studio in San Francisco, will be out on 1st March, preceded by a first single, “Do What You Will”, available on 7” on 1st February. If the digital format will do for you, you can look for the arrow in the player below.



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