Pantha du Prince

Back with bells on

“Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory”

Hendrik Weber, alias Pantha Du Prince, is ready to go one step further with his taste for tinkling electronica. The German is working on a new project, looking to explore the links between electronic and classical contemporary music. On “Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory”, Weber is working with Norwegian composer Lars Petter Hagen on a series of pieces that “ explore the possibilities of bells and melodic percussion within an ensemble”. The first result is a composition for carillon and four percussionists, to be premiered on 11th August at the Øyafestival in Oslo. Word has it this and other pieces coming from The Bell Laboratory could be released at the end of this year, when the project starts a European tour. While we await more info, we’ll leave you with “Bohemian Forest”, one of the tracks from “Black Noise” (Rough Trade, 2010) that best reflect the “electronica with chimes” by Pantha du Prince.

Bohemian Forest

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