New EP on Hemlock

Young Kevin McAuley, alias Pangaea, will release his first single on Hemlock Recordings in September. After his vigorous releases on Hessle Audio and Hotflush, the Londoner will make his debut on Untold's label in fine style. The single will feature two tracks, “Hex” and “Fatalist” - some of his best work to date. The first cut is a kind of update on the old school hard-core vibe, with rattling breakbeats, free-spirited bass-lines and ragga samples. On the flipside we find a darker and more spectral track, within which mechanical atmospheres are combined with corrosive, wobbly bass-lines and vocal samples that sound like crying baby ghosts. Listen to it after the jump and look for it in your favourite store from 12th September.

HEK 013 - Pangaea by Hemlockrecordings

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