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Panda Bear New details of “Tomboy” came to us from a peculiar source. Not from a press release sent by the label; these days, information can come from anywhere, whether it be Twitter or an MGMT fan forum. Excuse me? Yes, MGMT The Forum Sonic Boom is where Peter Kember, alias , decided to post his “mixer's press release”. It’s not as gratuitous a gesture as one could think. Remember that Kember, who’s in charge of the final mix of “Tomboy” (alongside Nick Kramer) also helped produce “Congratulations” (Sony/Columbia, 2010), the latest album by Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser’s band. Also, says Kember in his post, he and Noah Lennox used the Blanker Unsinn studio in Nueva York, property of MGMT, to record and mix parts of “Tomboy”. So there’s the connection.

Apart from giving a definitive tracklist, Sonic Boom confirms that the album was mostly recorded in Lisbon, although Kember added some of the instrumentation in New York. We know the album will be out on 18th April via Paw Tracks, and now we also know that, apart from the usual CD and download versions, the album will also be available on coloured vinyl (vinyl for audiophiles, manufactured according to the Direct Metal Mastering technique, in theory of better quality) and as a box set containing various 12” records.

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