Panda Bear

Releases second single

Panda BearThe pre- “Tomboy” promo stream is following a course. According to what was planned, after “Tomboy” the single, Domino will release the second part of this 7” series which will end with the much awaited album by Noah Panda Bear Lennox. A few hours ago we learned this second 7” will be officially released on 18th October, featuring “You Can Count On Me”, a song Domino describes as “a gentle duet between Panda Bear and himself [which] glimmers with third world melodic overtones. It will also feature “Alsatian Darn” - “a slightly foreboding track with an off-beat melancholy chord progression that occasionally lets the light break through with a jaunty two-step.” Click here if you’d like to own one of the 500 copies to be released.

Panda Bear - “You Can Count On Me”A. You Can Count On MeB. Alsatian Darn

Panda Bear - “You Can Count On Me”

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