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Panda BearYou’ll have to wait for “Tomboy” (the album) at least until September. According to, the first single from the long-awaited new album from Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear will be available on 7” (together with a second new song, “ Slow Motion”, on the flip) around July the 13th via Paw Tracks. The item description reads that the former is " the first in a series of limited edition seven inch singles by Animal Collective's Panda Bear. There will be several limited singles total (on different labels), and each one will bring us closer and closer to the much anticipated release of the Tomboy full length". It’s not made clear if all the tracks included on the group of singles will become part of a later album, so the ones who collect the solo melodic efforts from genius of the Animal Collective, don’t hesitate, just click.

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