Pan Sonic + Keiji Haino

Black mass in the studio

Keiji HainoIf there’s no change of plans (and we don’t think there will be, because these Fins are very prudent and wise), Gravitoni will be the last ever studio album in the history of Pan Sonic. Mika Vainio and Ilpo Vaisanen have decided to call it a day. But before they start to focus on new projects (solo and alongside other artists) they want to give the world the studio sessions they made three winters ago in Berlin with the always elusive and mysterious Keiji Haino, a true legend in the scenes of free rock and Japanese psychedelica (as the leader of the band Fushitsusha), ambient isolationist noise (as Nijiumu) and free improv. On 15th November 2007, Pan Sonic and Haino went on stage together at the Volksbühne in Berlin. The delicate recordings of that night, by BJ Nilsen, were released last summer as “Shall I download a black hole and offer it to you?” (Blast First Petite, 2009). Now we learn that apart from playing live together, the three repeated their encounter in the studio in the days afterwards. The results of those sessions are collected on “In The Studio”, an album which is already available in digital format and which will be released officially on Blast First Petite on double vinyl in a matter of weeks.

Pan Sonic + Keiji Haino - “In The Studio”

Side A.01. So many things I still have yet to say 02. If I could incarnate this feeling would you consider it a creation 03. Imperious doppelganger of tears, playing catch with objectivity that evades ultimate responsibility 04. I wonder if we have become wiser than Gods by making worse what already is.

Side B. 05. This trembling, no longer seems to be the axis at the centre 06. As far as the left goes, it is starting to look red.What about the right, I wonder what colour it will be? 07. In the hollow created between the eyebrows, what offering would be most appropriate

Side C. 08. "Without doubt", an attestation written from that time, will no longer have effect, because the wound has widened so much 09. I have embedded it approximately 2 minutes and 7 seconds into the 4th song, in order to return here whenever I wish

Side D. 10. Perhaps there is no need to return 11. Preparation is unnecessary from this point on…, leave mePan Sonic & Keiji Haino - “In The Hollow Created Between The Eyebrows”

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