Palmist Records

FatCat announces a new sub-label

Palmist Records

The prestigious FatCat label has announced it’s starting Palmist, a new sub-label, which, although it will also have its headquarters in Brighton, in the same offices as the mother company, will be independently run. The platform has been created to release limited edition records, on vinyl only, by DIY artists. “We believe in the beauty of imperfection over glossy sheen, in doing it yourself rather than paying someone else to do it, and, most importantly, in substance over style. At the same time we also appreciate the physical nature of records and this label is a rejection of music existing only as computer files or internet streams. Most of the packaging is done in-house, we hand number and stamp each record.” The artwork of all releases will be by James Cartwright.

Right now, three records are ready for release, all of them split singles on 12” vinyl. On 20th June, the first chapters, by Bitches and Yuppies, and U.S. Girls and Slim Twig, respectively, will come out. A month later on 18th July, the third reference will be released, featuring Lotus Plaza (alias Lockett Pundt, guitarist of Deerhunter) andy Odonis Odonis.

Slim Twig - Priscilla by Palmist Records

US Girls - If These Walls Could Talk by Palmist Records

Yuppies - For the Future's Sake by Palmist Records

Bitches - Wallet by Palmist Records

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