Pale Sketcher

Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed

Pale SketcherBecause we understand that it could cause confusion, let us start with explaining that yes, the Jesu you see in the title of this article is referring to the post-metal project of Justin K. Broadrick, former guitarist of Napalm Death, soul of the now defunct Godflesh, half of Techno Animal and regular collaborator with Kevin Martin on projects like God and Ice. Although Broadrick has lately been concentrating mainly on guitar music, his interest in the world of software, synthesisers and rhythm boxes has always remained, albeit latent. It’s this interest that Pale Sketcher is based on, a new electronic project about to make its debut on record with Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed, a piece of work on which Broadrick re-imagines the eight songs that formed part of Pale Sketches, the album released in 2007. The result of this reconstruction exercise will be released on Ghostly International on 24th August. Pale Sketcher - “Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed”01. Don't Dream It (Mirage Mix)02. Can I Go Now (Gone Version)03. Wash It All Away (Cleansed Dub)04. The Playgrounds Are Empty (Slumber Mix)05. Tiny Universe (Interstellar)06. Supple Hope (2009 Mix)07. Dummy (Bahnhoff Version)08. Plans That Fade (Faded Dub)

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