PVTA judicial affair (another artist with the same name has claimed ownership of the name) has convinced the Pike brothers and their companion Dave Miller that it would make sense to change theirs. What was Pivot are now PVT, and just like that, with a three letter word they name their third long player “Church With No Magic.” The album, a more substantial work where PVT have adapted their dynamic instrumental movements to a format closer to the pop song (there are more vocals and tracks have been shortened in length), will be available through Warp towards the second half of August.

PVT - “Church With No Magic”

01. Community 02. Light Up Bright Fires 03. Church With No Magic 04. Crimson Swan 05. Window 06. The Quick Mile 07. Waves & Radiation 08. Circle Of Friends 09. Timeless 10. Only The Wind Can Hear You

After the tracklisting you’ll find the video directed by Clemens Habicht for “ Window”, the chosen track as first single of the album.

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