PJ Harvey

A New Album in February?

PJ HarveyWalls have eyes and the Internet is all ears. It hasn’t been officially confirmed, but if we give credit to Mick Harvey’s words (and the Aussie isn’t exactly a big mouth) then the new album by Polly Jean Harvey is already finished and ready for release sometime around February next year. Two days ago, TwentyFourBit caught our attention with a post published by Harvey on his Myspace blog regarding his future plans. The post has been modified during the past few hours, but in it Harvey says, “There will be extensive touring commitments with my dear friend Polly (PJ) after the release of her new album in February 2011.” If you read the post now, though, you’ll see that that February date has been changed—at the request of PJ’s label, we assume—for the more vague “early 2011.” After her latest album with John Parish, Polly has chosen Harvey as her right-hand person (the ex-Bad Seed produces and does some instrumental arrangements) for the conception of an album that was recorded in April and May in Dorset. According to that post, the new, as yet untitled PJ Harvey album is “a remarkable work, quite different from anything being done at the moment.” Don’t bother looking for this flattering statement because it has disappeared along with the release date.

Polly said earlier this year that her new songs had been written using mainly an auto-harp. So while waiting for more details about her new album, we’ll give you a video with her performance on a British TV show. This is how strange "Let England Shake" sounded that day.

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