Giving away ?Ringtones?

OvalA month after his return to our lives with Oh (an EP of fifteen songs that sold out on vinyl based on pre-orders several weeks ahead, with 1,000 copies pressed), and two months ahead of O (the album, a collection of 70 cuts over two discs, which will finally see the light of day around 7th September sporting four different covers), the deconstructionist Markus Popp (aka Oval) has had the bright idea of giving us a new digital EP to entertain us while we wait. Just click here to download the eight electro-acoustic postcards (songs recorded during the "O" sessions that never made the album) that make up “Ringtones”. Oval - “Ringtones”01. Legendary 02. Nicosia 03. Riffifi 04. Tapasbar 05. Alpaca 06. Candyplex 07. Salajingle 08. Karo Phy

Oval – Kastell


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