Orange Juice

Box Set retrospectivo en Domino

Orange Juice   DominoThe return of Edwyn Collins doesn’t only allow us to get to grips with a new collection of songs ( Losing Sleep) from the man, in shops soon (September 13th), the good people of Domino are also revisiting the legacy of Orange Juice. The indisputable reference of that “young sound of Scotland” were presented to the world at the end of the 70s by the legendary Postcard label in an era where post-punk was creatively raging. “…Coals To Newcastle” will be the title of a box set containing the complete studio discography of the band plus rarities and radio sessions –tracklists can be consulted h ere– across seven records. As a visual incentive, the set will include a DVD containing promotional videos of the band, footage from four different live sets and “Dada with the Juice”, the posthumous concert. The box will not be out until 8th November, but it can already be pre-ordered on the Domino website.

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