Onmutu Mechanicks

Adventures of Arne Weinberg

Arne WeinbergYou’ll probably know Arne Weinberg by his own name, the one he has used since early this decade on records where he didn’t hide his indebtedness to Detroit’s cosmic sound and early 90s intelligent techno. It’s less probable that you’ll know of Arne Weinberg, a project started by Weinberg at the start of the century as a way to experiment with deep electronics without caring about rhythmic and textural conventions in techno. A year after his “Alpha & Omega” (AW, 2009), the Belgian label Echochord has released details of the first official album (early this Spring Unfolding The Giant Void was released, an album recorded alongside Niko Tzoukmanis - but only on CD-R and in a limited edition of 150 copies) of Arne under the Onmutu Mechanicks. The album, an amalgamation of dark atmospheres, easy-going synthetic melodies and broken rhythms halfway between deep-house and British intelligent techno, will be available from 14th September. Onmutu Mechanicks - “Nocturne” 01. Catatonic 02. Aspiring To Aspire 03. Lupos Moon 04. Neutrino 05. Constant X 06. When You Return 07. Across The Styx 08. Your Touch Is So Electric 09. On Silent Wings

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