Oneohtrix Point Never

‘Replica’ out in November

Oneohtrix Point Never  “Replica” Daniel Lopatin, alias Oneohtrix Point Never, will release a new album this autumn on Software, the Mexican Summer sub-label run by the man himself, alongside Joel Ford (also his partner in Ford & Lopatin). The record is called ‘Replica’ and it will be his first release since the appearance of the very much acclaimed ‘Returnal’ (Editions Mego, 2010), the album that placed him in the eye of the hurricane. In spite of having been releasing records since 2007 (many of them on CD-Rs and cassettes for underground labels like No Fun, Ruralfaune and Arbor), it wasn't until the ‘Rifts’ compilation (No Fun, 2009) and the aforementioned ‘Returnal’ that Lopatin was pinpointed as one of the new big gurus of electronic experimentation. On his new album as Oneohtrix Point Never, he moves away from the cosmic drones and lines up a collection of songs constructed of lo-fi recordings of all kinds of TV ads, which makes the record sound much more like field recordings rather than traditional music. ‘Replica’ is geared for release on 5th November and Ford & Lopatin will be playing the Rhythm Factory in London on 17th September.

Describing Bodies / Strees Waves Returnal

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