Nihon Kizuna/ For Nihon

Two compilations to help Japan

Nihon Kizuna/ For Nihon

The same way that Japanese citizens are teaching the world a lesson in integrity and education, it’s fair to say the international community is showing lots of support for the land of the rising sun. The global electronic music scene is no exception. The release of two charity compilations has been announced almost at the same time, to help out in the reconstruction of the country. “Nihon Kizuna”, which features contributions of artists such as Kode9, Om Unit, Mux Mool, Onra, Ernest Gonzales, Illum Sphere, Throwing Snow and labels like All-City Records and Ninja Tune, is out today, 18th March, and all profits will be for the Japanese Red Cross. More information on the album can be found here. The tracklist of “ For Nihon”, on the other hand, includes a good fistful of ambient and neo-classical luminaries, such as Goldmund, Helios, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Max Richter and The Sight Below. This compilation will be released digitally next week, and the revenues will go to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund. If you want to know more, click here. A chance to show your support.

Various Artists – Nihon Kizuna / ??? [Artist Name – Track Name – Affiliated or Release Label] Kode 9 (UK) – 9 Samurai (Hyperdub Records)** Don Leisure (UK) – Trio of Desserts* Kuedo (UK) – Zap (Planet Mu)* Himuro Yoshiteru (JP) – Missing Links* Onra (FR) – High Hopes (All City Records) ** Tatsuki (JP) – Mirror In Bologna (Original Cultures)* Om Unit (UK) – Lavender (All City Records)** Danny Drive Thru (UK) – Prescience (Fat City Records)* Paul White (UK) – Grimy Light (One Handed Music)** Darkhouse Family (UK) – Lemon Drizzle (Fat City Records)* Illum Sphere (UK) – Sweat The Descent (Hoya:Hoya / Tectonic) ** A Taut Line (UK/JP) – Azul (Dyskotopia)* Fink (UK) – See It All (Ninja Tune)* Mus.sck (US) – Happiness Is The Best Face Lift (Car Crash Set/Daly City)* Rudi Zygadlo (UK) – Perdu (Planet Mu) * Broken Haze (JP) – Move Forward (Raid System)* BD1982 (US/JP) – Aluminium Riddim (Seclusiasis/Diskotopia) * Nightwave (UK) – Hokusai Dream *?The Electric ft. Yarah Bravo (UK) – Beautiful (Memory9 remix) (Organically Grown Sounds)** Ernest Gonzales (US) – Beneath The Surface (FoF/Exponential)* Jono McLeery (UK) – Garden (Ninja Tune)** Ido Tavori (UK) – Haunted Top Hats * Jay Scarlett – The Rising Sun (Ampsoul) * Paper Tiger (UK) – Lunar Notes (Jus Like Music)* Kid Kanevil (UK) – One For Tokyo (One World Records / Ninja Tune) *?Takuma Kanaiwa (US) – Senpo World (Concrete Sound System)* B-Ju (GE) – Philly Run (Mux Mool remix) (Error Broadcast)** Primus Luta & Lonesome D (US) – Lockdown (Concrete Sound System) * 2phast (IT) – JapaN* Doshy (DE) – Space Attack (Robox Neotech)** Sesped (VE) – Too High To Drive (Jus Like Music)* Yosi Horikawa (JP) – Passion (Eklektik Records)* Audace (FR/JP) – Indestructible Soul (Inductive)* Scrimshire ft. Inga Lill Aker (UK) – Warm Sound (Wah Wah 45s)** Kan Sano (JP) – Bless (Circulations)* Elliott Yorke (UK) – Wormhole Squirm (Five Easy Pieces)* Daisuke Tanabe (JP) – Artificial Sweetener (Circulations)** Super Smoky Soul ft. Guilty Simpson (JP/US) – Knockout Kings (Circulations)** Emika (UK) – Count Backwards (Ninja Tune)* Eccy (JP) – EFH (Slye/Milk)* Throwing Snow (UK) – The Luck Without (A Future Without)* XLII (UA/JP) – Standuptall Nippon (Raid System)* Pete Sasqwax (UK) – Aggro A Go Go* Virtual Boy (US/FR) – Thrust (Turnsteak remix)* F.A.M.E (US) – Real Surreal (F.A.M.E/4OneFunk)* Kper (IT/FR) – Chotto* *exclusive to compilation ** previously released

V.A. - Nihon Kizuna (???)

For Nihon - compilation sampler to benefit the Japan earthquake by Keith Kenniff

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