Nick Garrie

La pesadilla de J.B. Stanislas

Nick GarrieIt was 1969 when an English twenty-something called Nick Garrie accepted the proposal of a label (which was home to artists like Brigitte Bardot and Michael Polnareff), under the scrutiny of a producer, Eddie Vartan ( Sylvie Vartan’s brother), and started recording his most ambitious album, “The Nightmare of J. B. Stanislas”, in Paris accompanied by a 56 piece orchestra. The ghost record (the sudden suicide of the DiscAZ boss, Lucien Morisse, meant that the record never got an official release, and the very few pressings distributed in France reached around €1200 in value) ended up as a cult album, vindicated as a gem of psychedelic baroque-pop.

Four decades after the recording, and following the revisions made five years ago by the labels Rev-Ola and Wah Wah, the Madrid based label Elefant has now announced the imminent re-issue of “The Nightmare of J. B. Stanislas”. A luxurious and augmented edition that adds to the original album, a second CD compiles rarities (among them, some of the songs from Garrie’s first demos), and a 42-page booklet includes the song lyrics, and Garrie himself writing in novella form about the ins and outs of his life. This attractive re-release will be in the shops on 5th July and is available right now through Elefant records’ on-line shop.

Nick Garrie - “The nightmare of J.B. Stanislas”

CD1 - “The Nightmare of J.B Stanislas”01. The nightmare of J.B. Stanislas02. Can I stay with you 303. Bungles tours04. David’s prayer05. Ink pot eyes06. The wanderer07. Stephanie city08. Little bird09. Deeper tones of blue10. Queen of queens11. Wheel of fortune12. Evening

CD2 The Cuts01. Seashore02. Josefina03. St. Tropez whore04. Three old men05. Que sera, sera (Whatever will be, will be) Lost And Found06. Summer nights07. Wine and roses08. Love in my eyes09. Queen of spades [First single 1968]10. Close your eyes [First single 1968]11. Cambridge town [demo 1968]12. Stone and silk [demo 1968]13. Bungles tours [demo 1968]14. Deeper tones of blue [demo 1968]15. Little bird [demo 1968]16. Stanislas [demo 1968]17. Evening [demo 1968]

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