New PlayPortrait: Oval

In Berlin with Markus Popp

PlayPortrait: Oval

A few months ago, PlayGround launched our PlayPortrait section with a video dedicated to grime producer Terror Danjah, a documentary where we got up close and personal with the artist, shared his time in his own surroundings, and talked to him about his life and his music. Today it’s time for the second episode of PlayPortrait, which is dedicated to the experimental musician Oval. For a couple of days last Winter, we went to Berlin to talk about music and the city with Markus Popp, and followed him while he was working. He was rehearsing for the adaptation for contemporary dance of the music from his album “O” ( Thrill Jockey, 2010), where he played live, composing in front of the computer. He also shared some private moments with us – walking in the park, playing video games, listening to music with his partner in Microstoria, Jan St Werner. Fifteen minutes in the company of one of the most revolutionary and important artists of electronic music in the past twenty years. Come and get to know him.

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