Neon Indian

Mini synthesiser for their fans and a new track

Neon Indian The release of “Era Extraña”, Neon Indian's second album, is imminent. Details on the record keep coming in bit by bit. Following the track-list, artwork and advance track “ Fallout”; here are some new pieces of info. For starters, you can now pre-order your copy in several versions: for $12.89 you can get the CD, for $18.98 the vinyl, a CD + T-shirt for $ 28.99, or - if you really want to treat yourself - you can pay 49.99 bucks for a special pack including the CD, a vinyl LP, a T-shirt, an autographed poster and a customised synthesiser. Yes, that's right. Alan Palomo joined forces with Bleep Laps to make a scaled version of his PicoPaso. You can check out what it sounds like here. “We teamed up with our brethren homies in Austin, Bleep Labs, to proudly bring you the PAL 198X. It’s a triple triangle-wave oscillator noisemaking device with interchangeable controls for maximal sonic contortion. You can attach knobs, light-reactive photocells, and a variety of other devices for semi-modular capabilities. It can interact with a variety of objects around your house whether electronic in nature or not. It can even interact with your pet. It does not make the same sound twice. Basically, I want you to hack this fucking thing,” says Alan Palomo. Moreover, NPR has premiered a new single, “Polish Girl”, which is even better than the first advance track. The song is available as of today on iTunes. “Era Extraña” will be in stores on 13th September through Trangressive Records (Europe) and Static Tongues and Mom + Pop Music (North America). Neon Indian

"Polish Girl"

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