Musique Fragile

Constellation?s Record Club

Musique Fragile  ConstellationThey dropped the news in mid-September: the people running Constellation, an exemplary label as far as careful presentation goes, announced the launch of a new series of limited-edition albums only available by mail order, a sort of single’s club, but with long players. Back then they said the albums in the “Musique Fragile” collection would come in packs of 3, and always with great care paid to the presentation. Now we know the first release of the series is devoted to presenting three new projects based in Montreal and Toronto. “Silent Your Body Is Endless” from Khôra, “Avestruz” from Nick Kuepfer, and “Brûlez ce coeur” from Les Momies De Palerme make up the first Musique Fragile instalment. Available on CD and vinyl (it includes a CD copy), both come with 3 silkscreen posters and 3 exclusive sets of postcards. There are only 500 copies of each title, so if you’re interested, pre-order now.Musique Fragile 01 Mix

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