Mr. Oizo

Paranormal cinematographer

Mr. Oizo Mr. Oizo, the Frenchman behind the ad featuring the yellow furry puppet sponsored by Levi's (apart from licensing the track “Flat Eric”, he directed the advertising campaign for the jeans giant), is just about to prolong his love affair with the silver screen. Once exhausted the life of “Lambs Anger” (Ed Banger, 2009), Quentin Dupieux is sporting his director attire for the inminent debut of his third effort christened “Rubber” , which will premier at the next Cannes Film Festival. As mad as it sounds, the film has its focus on an animated car tyre with telephatic abilities. The synopsis reads:

“In the Californian desert, an incredulous audience attends a telepathic tyre’s adventures which is mysteriously attracted by a beautiful young lady. An investigation begins. …Robert, a tyre that has been abandoned in the desert, suddenly comes to life, for no reason. He learns how to get around, explores the desert and discovers in himself a passion for destroying insects and various lost items. Robert soon develops a telepathic gift, which gives him the ability to destroy anything he wants, without moving...”

As if this delirious plot wasn’t enough, we can reveal that Busy P (Ed Banger head-honcho) has a cameo role in the film. The soundtrack will be signed by Gaspard Auge ( Justice), SebastiAn and Mr. Oizo himself. Whoever prefers the Dupieux musician, must be informed that the recording of a new album with the tentative name of “2010” has already started.

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