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Mountains  Air Musem After releasing Koen Holtkamp’s latest solo effort ( Gravity/Bees, released last summer), Thrill Jockey announces the arrival of a new album by Mountains, the laptop-folk and electro-acoustic ambient project by Holtkamp and Brendon Anderegg. According to the press note, the pair cross the line between the acoustic and the electronic on “Air Museum”, an album on which they have worked slightly differently than on the previous efforts: the acoustic sounds (acoustic guitars, cello, accordion, piano, bass and electric guitars recorded with a mic) are still being processed, but this time not with a laptop/software, but through pedals, modular synthesisers and other analogue equipment and technologies. The choice for non-digital processing (helped by the fact that they recorded the album in a professional studio for the first time) resulted in an album rich in acoustic sources, which, however, sounds like their most “electronic” work to date, thanks to a long process of post-production during which the duo used the studio as if it were another musical instrument. Thrill Jockey says that this new, “computer-free” way of working will also be taken to the stage, so prepare to be surprised when you’ll see Mountains live. The album will be out on 10th May.

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