Mount Kimbie

Naughty lovers

Mount KimbieIn view of their maxi-singles efforts -the wonderful 12”s “Sketch On Glass” (2009) and “Maybes” (2008)– the debut album by Dominic Maker and and Kai Campos as Mount Kimbie promises to be one of the most important releases of the season regarding electronica invention (post-dubstep section). Hotflush have now confirmed a release date of July 19th for an album that will sport the title “Crooks & Lovers,” which is described as a tad more hybrid, organic and melodic than previous offerings. According to their label, the record “floats between dubstep and hip-hop, jazz, techno and ambient, post-rock, UK Garage, and atmospheres similar to film soundtracks”. It needs to be listen to, to be believed. Mount Kimbie - “Crooks & Lovers”

01. Tunnelvision 02. Would Know 03. Before I Move Off 04. Blind Night Errand 05. Adriatic 06. Carbonated 07. Ruby 08. Ode to Bear 09. Field 10. Mayor 11. Between Time

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