Mount Eerie

A double portion of rarities

Mount EerieLast year, Phil Elverum dedicated a full, ambitious album to exploring, from a very personal viewpoint, the dynamics and dense and dark atmospheres of black metal, which is one of his confessed guilty pleasures. After two efforts as temperate as Lost Wisdom (P.W. Elverum & Sun, 2008) and Dawn (P.W. Elverum & Sun, 2009), “Wind Poems” laid the foundation for a more elaborated and grandiose sound, which requires ever longer working processes. So it’s only normal that Elverum needs more time to finish that album’s sequel, although that doesn’t mean there won’t be new Mount Eerie releases in the near future... When there are no new songs, the old ones are good. The man from Anacortes has compiled rarities on “Song Islands Vol. 2”, a total of thirty tracks from the era 2002-now, including alternative versions of well-known songs like “Don't Smoke”, “Lost Wisdom” and “Get Off the Internet”. The record will be released on double vinyl, including a 32-page booklet, on October 18th via Elverun’s own P.W. Elverum and Sun imprint.

Mount Eerie - “Song Islands Vol. 2”01. Where? 02. Calf In Pasture 03. the Intimacy 04. I Whale 05. O My Heart 06. instrumental 07. Where Is My Tarp? 08. Don’t Smoke 09. Get Off The Internet 10. Cooking 11. Give Totally Up 12. Do Not Be Afraid 13. Voice In Headphones (singers) 14. Cold Mountain 15. Cold Mountain’s Song #286 16. Heart Lake At Night 17. You Turn Me On 18. A Sentimental Song 19. Mystery Language 20. Waterfalls 21. This Is The Same Ocean 22. In The Rain 23. In Moonlight 24. Thanksgiving 25. instrumental 26. Uncertainty 27. Limp Climbing 28. Grave Robbers 29. Lost Wisdom 30. (wind lyrics) 31. Small House

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