Motor City Drum Ensemble

Details of his DJ-Kicks album

Motor City Drum Ensemble The upcoming DJ-Kicks contribution will be by Motor City Drum Ensemble, and !K7 has just revealed the tracklist. With Danilo Plessow’s past and background, we expected a mix of deep and sensual house, but it turns out the set will be much more eclectic than that. There’s classic house (Mr Fingers, Rick “Poppa” Howard and Recloose among others), but also experimental jazz (Sun Ra), boogie and post-disco (Stone, Loose Joints), minimal techno (Robert Hood) and dub (Rhythm & Sound). The mix should be interpreted as a “map of influences” and shows that Plessow’s vision goes way beyond house with big basslines and a lot of soul. As usual, the set includes an exclusive and previously unreleased composition by Motor City Drum Ensemble, “L.O.V.E.”. MCDE’s “DJ-Kicks” contribution (his first mix CD to date) will be released in July. Motor City Drum Ensemble – Dj Kicks

03. Rhythm & Sound - Mango Drive by bemong Arthur Russel - Pop Your Funk

Fred P. - On This Vibe

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