Morgan Packard

Moment Again Elsewhere

Morgan PackardThree years after delivering the marvellous Airships Fill The Sky (Anticipate, 2007), a gem of high visual openwork on which dub techno -sewn in with accordions and saxophones and the union of deconstructed beats, field recordings and constantly moving textures, which generated the illusion of a suggestive world between glacial experimentation and the cinematic courage of people like Murcof or Tim Hecker- Morgan Packard announces a new album for Anticipate, the label run by his friend Ezekiel Honig. Acoustic instruments (mainly pianos and saxophones played by Packard himself – he didn’t study jazz for nothing) and electronic beats find each other on “Moment Again Elsewhere”, an album Packard has produced in great part with Ripple , an audio application developed by himself. The record, mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering, will be released on 12th October. Morgan Packard - “Moment Again Elsewhere”01. Ready 02. Unveil 03. Allow 04. Insist 05. Persist 06. Although 07. Window 08. Explain 09. Again 10. Elsewhere 11. Moment 12. Reveal

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