Mordant Music presents:

ModernismuseuM / MMegaplekz

In spring 2009, after seven years of existence, Mordant Music released “Pick O'er the Bones”. A compilation album (the label's first), it collected all their Shackleton-related releases - whether they be his own productions, remixes or collaborations with Mordant Music (the band). Since then, there have been several compilations from Mordant Music, but none of them is as solid as “ModernismuseuM”. The new release contains forty tracks by artists from the label's roster, among which some exclusives by Vindicatrix, Mr Maxted and Ekoplekz and two older but unreleased cuts by Shackleton. The release, available now on digital through Boomkat, is completed with “Mmegaplekz”, a 76-minute mix by Ekoplekz. If hauntologic electronica is your thing, you know where to go now.

Ekoplekz 'Arkrite' (Mordant Music) by punchdrunkmusicdotcom Ekoplekz 'Doctrine 81' (Mordant Music) by punchdrunkmusicdotcom

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