Moon Wiring Club

Somewhere a Fox is Getting Married

Wedding bells sound in Clinksell as well. Ian Hodgson, the brain of the enigmatic hauntology project, Moon Wiring Club, presents new transmissions from the fictitious world he inhabits. His latest release is an album which, as Hodgson says, should be seen as a commemorative LP for the Royal wedding. It’s called “Somewhere a Fox is Getting Married” and it’s a new collection of wonky ghost-pop digressions recorded with the help of his inseparable Playstation 2. The theme of the album picks up the narrative thread of “A Spare Tabby At The Cat's Wedding” (Gecophonic Audio Systems, 2010), presenting itself as a new chapter in the creation of the tale of MWC. In this case, the ghost with the fox’s head gets the opportunity to marry a member of the royal family after winning a surreal card game. Furthermore, according to Hodgson, the record will be full of references to other royal wedding records and old “souvenir LPs” released by the BBC. In spite of the cryptic component of the theoretical concept of the album, it’s an effort which will be perfect for followers of artists like Ghost Box, Position Normal and other champions of hauntology. “Somewhere a Fox is Getting Married” is available now via Gecophonic on limited edition vinyl, including a large poster, all wrapped in the unmistakable illustrations of Hodgson himself. Moon Wiring Club - Woodsmoke & Treacle

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