Moon Wiring Club

An album that is two albums

Moon Wiring Club “Begun in the Autumn of 1908, the Moon Wiring Club were a group of notable individuals and bored aristocrats who met twice monthly (often within the blank workshop) to discuss their shared interests of unusual electronics and nocturnal happenings within the occult sciences. The founder members of this earliest incarnation of the Club included eminent scientist Almond Talbot, actress Pomona Fripps, and both Paris Green and Dr. Lettow-Vorbeck, who often displayed, and performed with musical apparatus from the Blank Workshop Laboratory for the benefit and enlightenment of their fellows”. This is Ian Hodgson’s description of the beginning of Moon Wiring Club, an imaginary society that has been inspiring his creative activity over the past decade, both graphically and sonically.

Hodgson, a.k.a. Moon Wiring Club, has built a musical world close to Ghost Box’s “hauntological” collage, though in Ian’s case, there’s more of Madlib’s art of sampling, Req’s crude, limping beats and the most affected 80’s synth pop, as well as Delia Derbyshire’s proto-electronic experiments, Vernon Elliot’s film scores and the most obscure library music from the British public TV. Ian has just released a new album by Moon Wiring Club which, in keeping with his “transtemporal” imagery, he says was originally edited in November 1587. Entitled “A Spare Tabby At The Cat's Wedding”, there’s something quite curious about it: the album will be released on CD and vinyl. However, although both formats and the songs included on them share the same titles, the music contained on them is completely different—it’s either different pieces or hardly recognizable modified ones. So, as a matter of fact, this is an album that is two albums. Get your copies at the end of this thread.

To celebrate the release of both albums, Hodgson has just put out via Pontone his “The Jayston Mix”. Download the audio

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