The adventures of John Elliott (Emeralds)

Mist  John Elliott (Emeralds) The stream of releases from the Emeralds camp just keeps coming. Two weeks after the arrival of A Young Persons Guide to Mark Mcguire(2nd May on Editions Mego), there will be a new release on Spectrum Spools. In January we told you about the brand, focussed on reissuing cosmic electronic music. What we didn’t know then was that Spectrum Spools was an idea by John Elliott, one third of Emeralds. He is the artistic director of an editorial adventure that has the logistic support of Editions Mego. So it’s no surprise that he’s one of the people involved with the label’s third release.

Happy with the results of his “Glowing Net EP” (originally released on cassette and reissued months later on Amethyst Sunset), Elliott has teamed up again with Sam Goldberg (Radio People) under the Mist moniker. The couple will release their first album on Spectrum Spools this spring. According to the press note, the record is “a suite consisting of seven complex, layered compositions [showing] new progression in composition and melody from the duo.” That’s about all they wish to tell us right now about “House”, available as from 16th May. If you want to pre-order the record, go here.

"TWIN LANES" by MIST from upcoming 2xlp "House by spectrumspools

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