Minimal Wave presents:

The Hidden Tapes

Minimal Waves : The Hidden Tapes

Minimal Wave continues its hard archaeological work in synth-wave. A year after The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One (Stones Throw/Minimal Wave, 2010), relentless searcher of synthetic gems Veronica Vasicka announces the arrival of a new volume featuring ten more gems that were so far hidden. The compilation is called “The Hidden Tapes” and it contains obscure recordings from the period 1979 and 1985 in places all over the world, from Japan to the former Yugoslavia. Almost all compositions were recorded in four-track home studios, and most of them have never been released before. Sonically, the spectrum goes from proto-industrial digressions to Balkan new wave, synthesised, cinematic odysseys and melodic synth-pop. On the tracklist we find contributions by obscure projects like Danton's Voice, SS-Say, The Fast Set and Pas de Deux, among others. As usual on the Minimal Wave albums, “The Hidden Tapes” comes in a beautiful vinyl edition limited to 999 copies, full of photos and additional information. The release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s expected to be around 1st June. When you follow this link you can listen to snippets of all of the tracks on the album.

Danton's Voice - I hear the bells

Sympathy Nervous - Polaroid (Polaroid, 1980)

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