Milky Disco

Third chapter

Milky DiscoThe Milky Disco compilation series, dedicated to auscultate the state of the play of the cosmic disco nouveau scene, have announce a new offering . The third volume from the series, titled “to.the.stars” , will be available on July the 5th through Lo Recordings. While reading the tracklisting, which includes the usual suspects of the genre like Black Devil Disco Club, Telespazio and In Flagranti, we find surprises like Oneohtrix Point Never too. All seems to indicate an atmospheric direction of ancient synths and serene beats, which follows up on “Milky Disco 2”. Same as the latter, the release will be comprised of two records, an unmixed first one and a second one with a more generous number of tracks, put together by the boss: Jon Tye . Var.- Milky Disco 3 - to.the.stars

CD 1 01. Leo Zero - Carbon Cave 02. Ghostape - I Feel Your Soul 03. Jonny Nash - Metabolic 04. Hatchback - Comets (the Beat Broker's Colors of the Club Mix) 05. Ichisan - Space Patrol 06. Soft Rocks- Bobby's Revenge 07. Telespazio - Closer Space 08. Brassica- Made Up My Mind 09. Black Devil Disco Club - For Hoped (Dub) 10. COS/MES - Iron Deck 11. Moscow - Deep Heat 12. Oneohtrix Point Never - Astral Project T.I.N.A.

CD 2 - Mixed by Jon Tye 01. Telespazio - Closer Space 02. Jonny Nash - Metabolic 03. In Flagranti - Preceding Stairs 04. Soft Rocks - Bobby's Revenge 05. NDV - Touchy Philly 06. Coyote - Cactus 07. Black Devil Disco Club - For Hoped (Dub) 08. Ichisan - Space Patrol 09. Weirdo Police - Missed Wish 10. Hatchback- Comets (the Beat Broker's Colors of the Club Mix) 11. Ghostape- I Feel Your Soul 12. Leo Zero - Carbon Cave 13. COS/MES - Iron Deck 14. The Flying Sapphire - Behemoth (Maelstrom Acid Dub) 15. Moscow - Deep Heat 16. Black Mustang- Blackout Part 2 17. Oneohtrix Point Never - Japan Display

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