Trying to invent a new folk

MikoTwo years ago, “Parade”, her debut album for Plop, was celebrated as one of the peaks of the season by lovers of naïf, fragile and child-like experimental pop that can be best understood if one considers it comes from the very heart of Japan. Rie Mitsutake, a.k.a. Miko, is back with a second long player that has conquered the heart of a heavyweight of the international experimental scene, Lawrence English. Through his label Someone Good, Lawrence has just released “Chandelier”, a collection of delicate and shy songs, warmer and more luminous than ever ("This album is a light for myself, and I hope it could be a dim light for people like a lantern in the dark," Miko has said), weaving country tunes, minimal guitars, pianos and flickering percussion as a means of transforming day-to-day life into the magic evocation of an imaginary world. The album has been out since Friday. Miko - “Chandelier”01. Sea House 02. New Town 03. Kikoeru 04. Keshiki 05. Cherries 06. America 07. Humming 08. Ashitaga Hare Demo

MIKO - kikoeru


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