Mig Dfoe

The Stone Master

Mig DfoeNot content with running Traum, Trapez, My Best Friend and Paintwork (essential labels in the Cologne electronic constellation), Germans Riley Reinhold and Jacqueline Klein have decided to add a new one to their emporium Traum Schallplatten. The label, called Zaubernuss (this is German for a plant species belonging to the hamamelidaceaefamily, though, who knows, the name might also have to do with the word “Zauber”, which means “magic” in the language of Goethe) and is intended as a platform for the most “expressive and emotional” electronic music. A perfect example is Mig Dfoe, a young Mexican producer who over the past few months has provided the Traum catalogue with several remixes for Minilogue, Extrawelt and Applescal. His first original reference is an album entitled “The Stone Master”, featuring twelve tracks halfway between dub techno and the most melodic landscape electronica, with a cosmic aftertaste and an organic feeling. The album will hit retailers on 1st December.

Mig Dfoe - “The Stone Master”01. Behind the Hope 02. Thinking Course 03. Zomby 04. Stone Master 05. Dreams Architect 06. Amatea 07. Hollow Hills (Mig Dfoe Remix) 08. Histeria 09. Broken 10. Real De 14 11. Reborn 12. Aqui Dentro

Mig Dfoe - “Thinking Course” (snippet)

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