Talking about bodies
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Men Le Tigre are gone, but we have MEN! While her colleague Kathleen Hanna is putting her files in order and getting ready to play the main role in a new documentary film, the androgynous JD Samson and her comrade Johanna Fateman (she’s working in the shadows, as writer, producer and consultant) are back, determined to shake their electro-pop in the company of Michael O'Neill (Ladybug Transistor) and Ginger Brooks Takahashi. The project is halfway between a performance collective and a regular band. Their first reference is a 7” titled “Off Our Backs”, to be released this month, and there’ll be a follow-up in the shape of an album soon.

MEN’s debut album will feature ten songs that talk about—and scream about—genre politics, sexual commitment and wartime economics, and demand personal liberties for the individual, so often limited by the power of the masses. “Talk About Body” will hit retailers on 1st February (a day later in Europe) via IAMSOUND.

MEN - “Talk About Body” 01. Life's Half Price 02. Off Our Backs 03. Credit Card Babie$ 04. Boom Boom Boom 05. Take Your Shirt Off 06. Who Am I to Feel So Free 07. Make It Reverse 08. Simultaneously 09. If You Want Something 10. Rip Off 11. My Family 12. Be Like This


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