Memory Tapes

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Memory Tapes – “Player Piano”

It’s time to re-evaluate Memory Tapes, the dreamy music project made by the elusive Dayve Hawk, who two years ago stole our hearts with Seek Magic (Acéphale/SIC, 2009), a collection of longing songs, pop hybrids of disco and soft-rock, shoegaze, white funk, Italo and synth-pop that have their fixed place in our emotional memory as one of the highlights of that year’s chillwave output. Memory Tapes’ second album, “Player Piano”, will be in stores next week, 4th July to be precise, as a joint effort by Carpark (U.S.), Something in Construction (Europe) and Inertia (Australia). Just so that nobody has to buy the album blindly, Hawk himself is offering us the opportunity to first stream the album, which is full of songs that are slightly less electronic and played entirely by him. The record was recorded in the old school way, without sequencing software, so the imperfections are deliberate and all human. First impressions?

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