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Mayer Hawthorne “Impressions”, an appropriate title if ever there was one for an EP of covers and reinventions of other tracks. Mayer Hawthorne is a clever guy, and generous, too. The man from Ann Arbor, champion of the new vintage soul, has taken six songs by him and other people and stuck them on a digital EP he’s giving away for free. You can download your copy here. While the bytes are being delivered to your hard drive, we’ll tell you what you’re going to hear. From a cover of a Chromeo track and one by the immortal The Isley Brothers, to rarities like “Little Person” (taken from the soundtrack of “ Synecdoche, NY”), and gems of sixties and seventies soul (by The Festivals and Steve Salazar) Hawthorne discovered when digging in record crates or when they were sent to him via Peanut Butter Wolf; all of them recorded during festival gigs or radio shows. Most of the time, Mayer is accompanied by his own band, The County, but there’s also room for the soul man’s dad, who plays guitar on one of the tracks. But there’s nobody better to explain where the songs come from than Mayer Hawthorne himself, and he does so on the Stones Throw website. Enjoy.

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