Maxmillion Dumbar

Soaking his feet in cool waters

Maxmillion DumbarLast month we told you about Andrew Field-Pickering’s debut album as Maxmillion Dumbar. So this piece of news isn’t about it’s impending release, but to let you know the album is now available to stream online, thanks to RAMP Recordings’s transparency policy. “I love for my music to bang in big speakers but I have equal love and happiness for their role as landmarks in a personal, tropical world of my own.” Thus spoke Dumbar regarding the album of multiple sections, which he presents as “a straight up trip through me,” one with pit stops for “boogie party fly shit” and “slow ocean disco”, with room for “New Age anthems”, tributes (for example “Rhythm Track For Rashied Ali”, a house-style homage to a free jazz legend) and for impossible mixes he describes as “some Brian Eno + Cluster meets T-Pain vibe – just layers and layers of me breathing into a vocoder, dripping away.” The album is out on 11th October.

Maxmilliom Dumbar - “Cool Water”01. Pretty Please02. Sno Mega03. Way Down04. Girls Dream05. Rhythm Track For Rashied Ali06. Lemon & Lime07. Original Soundtrack Flutes08. Breathe What You Say

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