Maximum Ballon

David Sitek, á la Juan Palomo

David Sitek David Andrew Sitek, one of the States’ most in-demand indie producers -or mainstream indie, whichever way you look at it- is finalising his debut album. The time not spent working with TV On The Radio (on hiatus since last summer), Sitek seems to have employed writing his own material and then passing it onto other artists. There’s no details yet as to who these artists are but it has been said there will be “a collective of guest vocalists” as a fundamental part of the project. According to Pitchfork, Sitek has chosen the alias Maximum Ballon to release the songs via DGC/Interscope sometime in August. So far there isn’t any audio evidence (not even on his MySpace), so it is up to our imaginations to visualise what Sitek’s adventure without his band will sound like. We’ll keep you informed.

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