Matthew Herbert

Release date for “One Pig”

Matthew Herbert – “On Pig” With all these releases and vital music news, we almost forgot to mention Matthew Herbert’s new work. After many months of controversy (PETA’s protests, for example) and laborious studio work, Herbert has the third and final chapter of his “trilogy of singularities” ready. After “One One” (Accidental, 2010) and “One Club” (Accidental, 2010), it’s time for “One Pig”, the album created from the manipulations of the sounds produced by a swine and its surroundings during its cycle of life (from its birth to the moment of its slaughter). The album, featuring 9 tracks (one for each month of the pig’s life), will be available from 10th October, via Accidental Records. And on a yet to be confirmed date in September, Herbert will present a special version of the album at the Royal Opera House. We’re sure it will be a show to talk about.

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