Matthew Herbert

First he recorded a club and then he wrote the score for a newspaper

Matthew HerbertThe illustrious Matthew Herbert has little to hide. Quite to the contrary, in his work, the concept and the process matter (sometimes) almost as much as the final outcome, which explains why the Brit has always shown interest and readiness when it comes to sharing with his fans all kind of information related to the germination and gestation of his work. In waiting for “One Pig”, Herbert’s “trilogy of singularities” has manifested again in the form of “One Club”, conceived through the manipulation and assembly of all sorts of sounds registered during a summer night last year outside Robert Johnson’s club in Frankfurt. The album was released on Monday and, as it usually happens with everything Herbert has done lately, the streaming is available on Bandcamp. “Club music made out of a club”, Herbert says. Click on play to find out how it sounds.

On a related note, Herbert has just dropped some details about “One Day”, an exclusive concert to be taking place on 20th November at London’s Royal Festival Hall. This unique concert comes with a surprise: Herbert and the London Sinfonietta (there’ll also be special guests and the participation of some people from the audience) will perform a new piece inspired in The Guardian’s 25th September edition. During the preparation of this piece, Herbert and the members of the London Sinfonietta attended punctually the editorial meetings of the reputed British newspaper. In Herbert’s own words, “musicians have long served a function as storytellers. Yet the biggest stories, the ones that often have a direct impact on our lives, are rarely retold in contemporary music. By choosing one edition of a national paper as both score and subject matter, I’m forced to confront this paradox head on.” Remember: the date for “One Day” is 20th November in London.

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