Matthew Herbert

This is how a club sounds

Matthew HerbertSince mid-last year we’ve been announcing details of “One”, the trilogy of albums Matthew Herbert decided to dedicate to a person ( “One One”, Herbert trying his voice for the first time in an electronic pop setting), to a club (the Robert Johnson) and to a pig. We haven’t heard about the little piggy since the day of its sacrifice, so be patient. We can however tell you about “One Club”, the album created from manipulated sounds recorded during one night in September 2009 at the Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt, Germany. The record, described by its author as “club music made out of a club”, means Herbert’s return to his dance roots, although the club music in this case is much more tangent and unconventional than his classic works such as Around The House (Phonography, 1998) or Bodily Functions (!K7, 2001). The album will be released on 20th September through Accidental, with the artwork and tracklist you can see after the jump.

Matthew Herbert - “One Club”01. Robert Johnson 02. Jenny Neuroth 03. Alex Duwe 04. Oliver Bauer 05. Marcus Bujak 06. Marlies Hoeniges 07. Nicolas Ritter 08. Jalal Malekidoost 09. Rafik Dahhane 10. Kerstin Basler

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