Banging So Percussion

Matmos Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt have a new album under their belt. Matmos, known until now for their random samples (from liposuction to kisses, passing through screaming rats and deflating balloons, even Daniel's burning flesh by a cigarette) have this time decided to join forces with So Percussion Group (classically trained percussion quartet with experience of playing live the repertoire by Steve Reich, David Lang or Paul Lansky) to explore “ the musical resources of everyday and not-so-everyday elemental materials: ceramic planters, pails of water, aluminium beer cans, cactus needles, cans of house paint”, they say. The result of the banging of such everyday objects, manipulated by Schmidt and Wobbly before being polished by producer Lawson White, will be available by July the 13th (five days earlier if the digital format is good enough for you) via Cantaloupe Music.

Matmos & So Percussion - “Treasure State”

01. Treasure 02. Water 03. Needles 04. Cross 06. Shard 05. Swamp 07. Aluminum 08. Flame

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