Los Massieras

Better than Italians

Los MassierasThey could kick back and relax, be the coolest of their circle of friends while showing off the press clippings filled with props given to them by people like Daniel Wang, Gavin Russom or James Murphy himself (not to mention music mags such as Pitchfork, Fader or yours truly), but no, in Massieraland there is no time for siestas. With the video of “Boogity Boogity Boogity” recently released, the most envied disco dandy duo in Berlin already has a new 12” ready to give to the world. On 12th July, Bananamania and Discoteca Oceáno will team up once again to release the second EP by Los Massieras, three fresh heavy psychedelic boogie cuts reminiscent of the good stuff Italian popsters were coming up with three or four decades ago (and we’re not only talking about Italo, because they’re even feeling up Rafaela Carrá) while giving a nod to the people of Italians Do It Better.

The opening track of “Better than Italians EP” is a wonderful, hypnotic and psychedelic blues stomp called “Allrighty”. If Bo Diddley were still alive he would be dancing with Los Massieras. Bananamania is spreading.

Los Massieras . Allrighty.mp3

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