Mary Anne Hobbs

End to 14 years of radio

Mary Anne HobbsNobody was expecting this, so the news has fallen like a bomb on the wide community of the experimental electronic music scene. Let Friday 23rd July this year be marked as the fateful day we began to mourn, or as the first day of an uncertain future for tapping into and spreading the word of new talents and vanguard sounds, for the repercussions of this are going to be huge. After her association with the BBC for the last 14 years, Mary Anne Hobbs has announced she is leaving her position as presenter of the Experimental Show at the public corporation to focus on a freelance career which will let her spend more time on her DJ sessions and teaching. She explains the reasons on her Myspace like these:

Yesterday i resigned from BBC Radio1, after an amazing multi-dimensional 14 year career.

The great freedoms the BBC have given in me as a broadcaster, have allowed me to help break so many confrontational artists as diverse as Slipknot and Skream, and of course, the whole genre of Dubstep in recent times.

My current Experimental show is in peak condition, it’s never been stronger. And although it’s a very emotional decision to leave the show that I love so much, it’s also an optimum moment to bow out, at the very top of my game.

My work for Radio1 on the Breezeblock, Rock Show, many fascinating documentaries about everything from David Bowie to Dubstep, on daytime, at festivals and award ceremonies, has been exceptionally rewarding. These have been glory days not just for me, but for all the artists who have shared my BBC platform, and of course, the listeners everywhere from Beijing to Berlin, Baltimore to Blackpool, who shared a great passion for future sound.

I will continue to DJ live, work in film, and curate at Sonar festival in Barcelona.

I have also accepted a new job mentoring and teaching students at the University of Sheffield’s Union Of Students radio station, TV station and the newspaper that operate out of their superb Forge Media Hub, which presents me with a really exciting new challenge.

My last show on BBC Radio1 will be broadcast:September 8th>>9th … Wednesday night >> Thursday morning… 2-4am

Thank you so much for listening..

The electronic music community is in a state of shock, and at this magazine we're no exception. If you want to leave your personal message to Mary Anne, Twitter is sizzling: you just have to look out for the hash tag #SaluteMaryAnneHobbs and leave your message

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